From Sheila Strong

Hey Greg Kelly. Your CDs—we now own 3—have been a big part of this household’s autumn soundscape. So much so that recently, my teen daughter elected to play one of them while doing her homework, explaining that your music gives her “a really comforting, homey feeling.”? That CD was Slow Horses, and was also my jones-level favorite listen last month. I had bought more of your work because I have a thing for lyrics that are both artful and unpretentious. And what I got was an album whose every song seems prettier than the last—to the extent that on first play, one wonders whether one’s normal CBD has been swapped out for Ye Olde Academia Indica. The melodies on Slow Horses are astonishingly beautiful, and made more so by your emotive upper-register vocals that weave through them. And the instrumental arrangements are exquisite. I wish everyone who appreciates real folk-country artistry could own this badass exemplar. Sheila Strong, Ottawa, October 2019

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