After years of writing songs in the Folk, Folk-Country vein, Greg finally decided to do something with them, and the result was the release in 2008 of  “Broken Windows”, a collection of songs garnered over a period of over 35 years.  This was followed by the 2012 release of  “Slow Horses”, which contains songs written during the period between albums as well as some songs from way back.

Greg writes about life situations:  Heartbreak, triumph, small town scenarios, and the odd love song thrown in for good measure.

Greg runs a weekly open mic on Tuesday evenings so that aspiring songwriters can get a feel for the stage and for veteran songwriters to workshop new material as well as for any person who just wants to get up and perform.

He also co-ordinates a monthly songwriters forum in Ottawa called “Writers Bloc”, in which a group of songwriters challenge each other to write songs and then play them in front of their peers for critiquing.  Sometimes gentle….

Check for notices on upcoming events.